your thoughts and feelings put to music

‘tailor-made songs’ is a bespoke songwriting service provided by singer-songwriter, Jon Wolstencroft. Jon is able to craft personalised songs that encapsulate true sentiment, and which elevate the meaning and importance of the words that they contain to a whole new level.

For many of us, Music is an important emotional component of our lives. Nearly all of us have songs that we cherish for the special memories and feelings they evoke whenever we hear them. It is for this reason that a tailor-made song written solely for your loved one can be a priceless gift that they will treasure forever. Click here to begin the writing process for your own unique song.

A bespoke song can prove a unique alternative to a wedding speech, or be the perfect soundtrack to your wedding video. Such a song could also be just the ticket to delight someone special on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary.

A personalised song doesn’t have to be all serious though. If you are wanting something more light-hearted and playful, for example, to tease someone on their birthday (!), Jon would be able to work with you to create a song which would have everyone smiling.

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