how it works

Step 1 – Consultation


The first stage of the process will involve you telling Jon about the person for whom the song is to be written. For example, how you feel about them? How they make you feel? Using the form below, you can also communicate the musical style in which you would like the song to be written, giving examples of existing pop songs to emulate if you wish. You are welcome to share your stories via Skype or phone too. The information you provide will form the basis for Jon to write lyrics for your song.

Step 2 – Demo Recording


Once Jon has written your song he will then send you a demo recording for you to listen to. Upon receiving your feedback, he will make changes to ensure you are completely happy with the final version.

Step 3 – Studio Recording


Upon completing the final version, Jon will head into the studio to professionally record, mix, and master your song.

Step 4 – Your Song


A CD contained in a splendidly designed package will be delivered to either yourself or your muse, and high quality  .wav and .mp3 files will be sent via email for your enjoyment. If you would additionally like Jon to perform the song live for you at an organised event he would, of course, be able to do this. For the full range of packages and pricings available please click here.

In the meantime, here’s an example song. This track was written for a lady called Gina, in collaboration with her then husband-to-be, Jay.

tailor-made song enquiry form